10 Life Hacks to Be Remarkable And Get Everything in 2021

It’s a new year and a new you. It’s time to drop the habits that hold you back, the traits that bring you down and push you further from your desired success, and it’s time to be remarkable.

2018 will be the year you get everything you want.

One of the things you will discover as you make these small changes in your mindset it just how easy it can be to lose focus and get derailed if we take our eyes off the end goal.

To make it to the finish line with success in hand, you must be prepared to do the following:

  1. Forget Your Competitors

Credit: Lecrajane; Flickr

Measuring your progress against someone else is setting yourself up for failure – we naturally choose people who are already ahead of us, or closer to our goals which immediately puts us at a disadvantage and negative mindset.

To hit your goals this year, take your eyes of others and place them firmly in the mirror back at yourself. We are all running our own races and moving towards different pursuits – you must focus on your own journey. Your unique gifts, limitations, and skills will help you in different ways, and your competitors limitations could be your best assets.

Comparing yourself to others, envying what your peers have, keeping up with the Joneses all take the focus from yourself and do NOTHING to take you on the next step to your inevitable success. Stick to your own lane, run your own race, and keep your focus on your personal goals.

  1. Show Quality

People recognize quality in others. In our work, in our personalities, and in every aspect of our life. We have a natural barometer for quality in others, and are drawn to work with and desire to spend time with people who exude quality. If you want draw positive actions (like a raise or promotion) or people (like a new partner) then you need to demonstrate your quality to others. What can you add to someone’s life? Someone’s team? What kind of results can you bring based on your quality?

Find the easiest way to show your quality over all others, and the law of attraction will bring this positivity back to you in your desired results.

  1. Walk the Walk, Don’t Talk the Talk

Actions speak louder than words -it’s cliché but true. This year DO more and TALK about it less. Remarkable people take their goals and success seriously by DOING a lot more than they TALK about. Demonstrate your remarkable nature by doing – simple. Want to talk to that guy or girl at work? Do it. Want to eat better? Do it. An excuse is a problem, something to be solved. So solve it. Human beings respond to action takers, so do small actions which can wonderful consequences on your self satisfaction.

  1. Pay Attention to The Voices Around You

Credit: John; Flickr

The little voices inside your head, preferably the sane ones, can massively impact how you perceive yourself and how you feel other people will perceive you. Your inner dialogue will tell you things about yourself, and you need to start believe the positives more this year. This inner dialogue will affect your ability to act and either empower your ability to make change or disable that empowerment.

The people around you have just as important an impact. This year, silence the voices that lead to criticism, doubt, or disempower you. Surround yourself with positive people and those who celebrate you with words and actions. You will begin to see yourself through their eyes, and the power of this can affect so many other parts of your life this year.

  1. Your Aspirations Are YOURS

In your journey to personal or professional success and becoming remarkable you will encounter naysayers. People will attempt to take your power away from you, and these people can only do so with the knowledge of your aspirations and goals. They might not understand why you want to shoot for a certain goal, they might not share your dreams or visions of success, and they may even try to tell you that you don’t have what it takes.

Discretion is yours. Share your goals with those who support you, encourage you, and shed light on your darkest times of self doubt. The rest? Consider the benefit of sharing with someone – what can they add to bring you closer to your goal? If nothing, keep them in the dark for now.

People of accomplishment rarely sit back and let things happen, they happen to things.

  1. Avoid Indulgences

No, I’m not talking about the extra slice of cake at the birthday party. DOING things, making this happen, and pushing forward to your goals brings a wealth of positive feelings; but for every action there is an opposing reaction – people who will stand in your way.

Do not give the naysayers the indulgence of taking away your power.

People will try to discredit your actions, or dissuade you from taking that action. Their limiting beliefs cause a hurricane of negativity. You must hunker down and not let their failures limit your power to move forward.

Do not allow them to distract you.

Keep your eyes focused on the finish line and take the next remarkable step towards that line before they try to pull you down.

  1. Hold Yourself Accountable

Credit: Sunsword & Moonsabre Flickr

When you try to identify a weakness in your life, you can often find that there are many problems attached. Problems that may cause this weakness, or problems that have arisen because of it. They can be small problems, like a penchant for sleeping in when you know you should be getting up early (guilty!) or large ones like drinking or gambling to excess. To become a better version of yourself, to become remarkable, and get everything you want – you MUST face these problems.

Do not run. Do not put your head in the sand anymore.

Revolt! Revolt against these habits. Break the bad habits, and replace them with positive ones that empower you, make you feel good, and bring waves of positivity to your day.

It’s hard. It’s a crest and valley of failures, and it these problems are not to be fixed overnight, but the first step can be taken now. What is your first step?

  1. Terrify Yourself

It was Eleanor Roosevelt who coined the phrase “do one thing everyday that scares you” after facing her fear of public speaking when she became the first lady.

When you lay out your goals in front of you, what do you hear inside?

“What if I fail?”

“I’m not good enough!”

“I’m a loser”

“This is going to be too risky”

“I can’t do it”

On the surface, these excuses might seem logical to you. But they are not. They are hallucinations created by your mind to protect you. Your subconscious doesn’t want you to fail and will try to stop you from taking the chances that can move your life forward.

Jeff Bezos, Elon Musk, Mahatma Ghandi, even your neighbor Phil, they all face these exact same internal objections when they want to take the first steps to progress.

You must brush these things off, and go!

  1. Be Honest

Trust is key to all relationships, and even if your goals seem completely solitary, trust from others will be required at one point or another. People will not respect you, and will not see you as a remarkable person unless you earn their trust.

You personality is your brand, and all successful brands are built of the back of honesty.

Making a good first impression and revealing your brand through honest actions and words people will grant the requests that will take you closer to your end goals. People will eventually grant your requests without doubting you. Why? Because they see you as a trustworthy person.

  1. Give

Credit; Ego Flickr

Perhaps the most important of the traits of remarkable people is seen in their propensity to give. Whether material (like gifts) or immaterial (like time, or information) has symbolic meanings. Giving (any type of giving) shows respect, friendliness, and more. What we put out, we receive back to us.

Giving out, brings things in.

The great thing this, this important and quality skill is actually the easiest to practice. Give massive value to your customers, give 100% to your partner, give time to your friends – it’s all very easy to do.

Giving your all to people will make those around your recognize you, and reciprocate. Giving begets respect.

In 2018, choose at least 3 of these steps and start being more remarkable.

Choose your goals, aim high, and take action to get you there.